Thursday, June 18, 2015

Don't call me strong

I never anticipated this would happen to me
Most days I am so blinded by tears
That I can scarcely see
You call me strong
And I’m not sure why
If you saw the face underneath the mask
It would uncover the lie
I don’t know what I’m doing
Nor do I have a plan
Sometimes I honestly wonder
How I’m able to even stand
That smile you see
That face you know
It’s been plastered on
It’s now just for show
Inside, I’m shattered
Broken into a million pieces
I still feel a gnawing pain
Even with time, it never ceases
You say I’m strong
And I still don’t know why
I never chose for my baby to die
Life continues for me
The world didn’t close up shop
But I remember the day quite clearly
When time (for me) literally stopped
I’m not strong because I carry on
Inside, I’m still torn in two
I keep moving forward
Because that’s what I have to do

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