Thursday, June 18, 2015

When Faith Meets Roadblocks

We’ve all been traveling down the road, many times our usual route, only to find we must detour and travel into areas we are unfamiliar with. When this happens, we fret about arriving at our destination on time. We also might become angry that our routine has been disrupted. It might even cause us to be anxious because we aren’t quite sure where we’re going. Life can be like this too sometimes. We are going about our daily lives when the unthinkable happens; a roadblock, if you will. Life is very good at making sure we meet those roadblocks at some point in our lives. And the Devil tries to ensure that our lives become uprooted when we meet these obstacles. What are we to do when we meet these inevitable roadblocks of life? I’ve said it many times; faith is easy when life is going well. It is always the difficult times when we question our faith, when we question God. Sometimes it takes every ounce of physical strength we possess to navigate through those times. How do you react to situations that bring you to your knees and cause you to question every truth you know? This is the point where faith is the most crucial to our survival, to being able to face the world. This is the point where we have no choice but to believe. Believe that there is more joy than sorrow, more hope than bleakness, more good than evil, more love than hate. This is the point where we submit to God and trust that His love is greater than any roadblock we could ever face. The detours in our life may not be what we asked for. We may be terrified to travel down roads unknown. However, we must cling to His promise that He will be our light and that He will carry us when we cannot walk. Sometimes those very detours that we are afraid of lead us to majestic places that we never could have imagined, but we have to trust. And even though these words are so much easier to write than the actual act, it IS the truth. He is the truth. There is a reason we were not meant to travel that road at that particular time. We may not understand and we might cry out in disbelief, but we cannot allow our joy to be taken from us, no matter what life puts in our path. We were created with purpose and divinely planned. We have to know that no matter the road He is leading us down, that’s the road that was meant for us. So when your faith meets those roadblocks, don’t despair, just trust. Pray for strength and courage to go where He leads you. Don’t allow the shadows and darkness to overcome your soul. Have faith that His way is the right way and pray for comfort as your path leads you away from the roadblocks and into His presence.

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